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Plan 1. Per call $3.50 per minute (*Pay Per Use) *credit card only (suggested plan if usage is unknown)

Plan 2. Twelve month subscription of 400 minutes of service - $1000 ($2.50/minute)

Plan 3. Six month subscription of 206 minutes of service - $550 ($2.67/minute)

Plan 4. Three month subscription of 103 minutes of service - $301 ($2.92/minute)

Plan 5. One month subscription of 34 minutes of service - $100 ($2.94/minute)

If you have any questions or wish to enroll by phone call 1-800-636-6414 or (615) 595-6974 Monday-Friday, 7AM-7PM CST.

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Fax form to: (615)-595-6903.

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