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ENROLL in the TAT Tech-Line Service

How to use the service and package details.
There are 5 easy ways to join the service.

Plan #1. Per call $3.50 per minute (*Pay Per Use) *credit card only - CALL 1-800-636-6414 for free enrollment.
Plan #2. Twelve month subscription of 400 minutes of service - $1000 ($2.50/minute) - BEST VALUE!
Plan #3. Six month subscription of 206 minutes of service - $550 ($2.67/minute)
Plan #4. Three month subscription of 103 minutes of service - $301 ($2.92/minute)
Plan #5. One month subscription of 34 minutes of service - $100 ($2.94/minute)

If you would like to print the form and fax it or mail a check or money order, just click here for the Subscription Fax Request Form. If your browser doesn't support forms, just email us the details from the Subscription Fax Request Form. It's that simple ! If you have any questions or wish to enroll by phone call 1-800-636-6414 or (615) 595-6974 Monday-Friday, 7AM-7PM CST.

ALL major credit cards and PayPal accepted.